Musicians working under a CBA often receive a wage premium of 20-30% above musicians working in the same sector without the protections of a union contract; Musician may participate in the American Federation of Musicians-Employer Pension Fund (a multi-employer pension fund/ and portable) when working under qualifying contracts

Industry standards for doubling pay, cartage, parking, over-time pay and minimum call pay are negotiable and provisions in many AFM CBA's; A three-step grievance process with arbitration by a neutral third party when the contract is violated or a musician's rights under the CBA are violated; Due process for musicians who are terminated from their job including a Peer Review Committee that may over rule the conductor's decision; A fair auditions process to fill vacancies in the orchestras; and Recording provisions that protect your work from unauthorized uses. Union representation and CBA negotiations are an organizing campaign and available for musicians working for an employer.